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Create a Grounded Framework

For reasons as numerous and unique as we are, many of us have heard the powerful call of the psychedelic experience.


Many of us feel drawn to experience this alternate state of consciousness - whether it be reached through traditional plant medicines, pharmaceuticals, breathwork techniques, fasting, silence, sensory deprivation, meditation, or any of a multitude of other modalities employed throughout the history of our curious species - but we may have no idea where to start.


With many options and a lot of potentially confusing information available, it’s difficult to know where to turn. Having a trusted coach is a great way to create a grounded framework within which to hold or bookend your experience.

Prepare for your Journey

Just like with any other kind of journey, preparation is not only wise, but vital. Questions can be answered, expectations reviewed, techniques to assist you during your journey discussed and shared. Fears can be worked with. Intentions can be set. Behavioral changes can be recommended to assist in creating for yourself the safest, most effective experience possible.

Integrate your Experience

And after you’ve had a non-ordinary experience, then what? Sometimes our perceptions shift, our beliefs are challenged, or we learn something about ourselves that we didn’t expect. Sometimes we feel destabilized, confused, misunderstood, or alone after a powerful experience. Here’s where the work begins: integration.

Crab Nebula

How can we take what we’ve experienced in an alternate state of consciousness and bring it back into our daily lives in a meaningful way?


How can we “land” it all as we head back into our families, relationships, jobs, and routines? What actions can we take to keep the connection to our higher self open and flowing? What does it all mean, and what should we do now? Among many others, these are questions that an integration coach can help you address after a powerful psychedelic experience.


Single 60 Minute Session: $125

Packages available.



Interested in ketamine-assisted therapy?

I'm excited to announce the launch of Lucidelix, a collaborative company I've co-created with some pretty badass, smart, compassionate, and highly qualified practitioner-entrepreneurs providing safe and effective ketamine-assisted therapy in person and online. Visit our site for more information!

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