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Jen Whaley



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Where to begin? What to include? What matters? What’s relevant? Here are some pieces of the story that have led me to where I am grateful to be today.

I’m from a small town in Southeast Michigan where I was lucky to grow up surrounded by close family and friends, cradled in the arms of the Great Lakes.


I attended the University of Detroit Mercy and graduated in 2011 with a BS in Biology and a MS in Physician Assistant Studies. After graduation, I headed south - as far south as I could go - and would call Key West, Florida my home for the next five years, where I worked as a PA both in the emergency room at Lower Keys Medical Center and at Womankind, a local women’s health care center where I specialized in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. On a wacky little island where locals work hard and play even harder, my time off was spent splashing in the warm salty waters where the Gulf meets the Atlantic.

In 2016, I left the island to seek adventure in the mountains. I let go of my apartment, sold my car, and quit my jobs, lightening the load as I headed for the Appalachian Trail, where I would spend the next three months living in the woods, hiking over 500 miles between West Virginia and Maine. I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of a major shift in my life - those white blazes taught me how to walk consciously. I began putting feet to dirt mindfully on my own inner spiritual path.

In 2017 while living in the Virgin Islands, a series of destructive storms both literal (two Category 5 hurricanes) and metaphorical (the end of a long-term relationship that highlighted my own codependency), motivated me to take a radically honest look at the perceived source of my own happiness and where I had been giving my power away. In that process of discovery, I returned to South Florida to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training. Like an insatiable sponge, I dove into the teachings of the eight-limbed path, empowered by the inner peace and respite I found even within the external chaos of my then tumultuous life. I kept seeking…

I found breathwork. I found plant medicine. (Or did they find me?) I found A Course in Miracles. I found a personal coach who helped me sort through the messy pieces of my shattered beliefs.

In 2019, I resurfaced into the world of more formal education (kind of), by attending The California Institute of Integral Studies where I received a post-graduate Certificate of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research. The program connected me with beautiful souls and brilliant minds across the country, all who helped me connect more deeply with myself, as I continued my exploration into the misty frontiers of potential human consciousness.

In early 2021, that exploration continued to evolve, as did my own personal and professional ideas regarding birth and motherhood. Inspired by witnessing the strong women in my community and recognizing the parallels to psychedelic space in giving birth - the mysticism, the transformation, and vulnerability in surrender, to name a few - I decided to learn more, and completed both a birth and postpartum doula training with Jessica Austin of Birth Takes a Village out of Vancouver, BC.

For the last decade, I have been a committed student on a deeply transformational journey inward. I’m passionate about what’s there, lying in plain sight, should any of us choose to start looking that direction. As Nikki Myers says,


“You can’t keep what you have without giving it away,”

and in that spirit, I’m excited to share what I’ve found with you. Let’s create community.







2006 - 2011

Birth Takes a Village

Birth Doula Training

Postpartum Doula Training


Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy for Medical Providers

California Institute of Integral Studies

Certificate of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy & Research


Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Leadership Training

Zen Den Yoga School

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training

University of Detroit Mercy

Bachelor's of Science - Biology

Master's of Science - Physician Assistant Studies

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