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Meditation by the Sea


Guiding arrows along the inward path


I consider myself to be a collector.

A collector of knowledge, theory, philosophy.

A collector of adventure and experience.

A collector of tools to ease the struggle along the path.


My toolbox is well-earned, hard-tried, and continually tested through the experiential process of trial and error. I find myself asking how I can share it.

In personal empowerment coaching, I use this toolbox to help guide clients along the inward path to the answers we all seek in the one place most of us never think to look - within.


What if everything we’ve ever wanted, we already have? What if we’ve buried the truth of who we are (and with it, the sense of peace and well-being that comes from that remembering) deep beneath dusty layers of unconscious beliefs, patterns, and conditioning? What if truly, we each harbor the divine within? How can we help each other remember?

I work under a coaching model. That means that I'm not your therapist, and I'm not your psychiatrist. I don't diagnose, treat, prescribe medications, or claim to cure any physical or psychological disease as we'd define those terms via the DSM-V and under the Western medical paradigm.


I do hold a safe, judgement-free container within which you, as your own healer, can explore and step into what you already know. Who could possibly know you better than yourself? Who else could possibly have the power to effect the change you may be seeking? Let's ask and answer these questions together.


Single 60-minute session: $125

Packages available.

Ask about my 6 week program.

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Online Group Coaching

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We meet every other Tuesday evening on Zoom, 5:30 - 6:30 PM, EST.

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Single Session: $33
5-Pack: $125
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