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The sacred rite of passage from Maiden to Mother

My passion for birth-keeping somewhat surprised me, although looking back now, I can see clearly the pieces of a puzzle slowly coming together - my excitement during my OB/gyn rotation in PA school, the years I enjoyed providing women’s health as a side gig to my full-time job, and most recently, the time I’d spent both personally and professionally studying the navigation of altered states, and how to integrate those experiences in meaningful ways. (Women go to Mars, so they say…)

My doulic (is that a word?) philosophy is one of empowered choice. It’s one of thorough education giving birthing people the confidence in themselves to powerfully claim the important things that help their birth feel aligned for them and their families.


It’s a philosophy of trust —  trust in a natural process unfolding, trust in our bodies, trust our innate strengths, capabilities, and instincts. Trust in evolution, trust in our ancestors before us and in generations to come. It’s a philosophy of loosening our grip on fear-based thinking (or should I say its grip on us?), and allowing ourselves to soften and surrender into a space of love during this perfect and natural, biological and sacred, grounded yet mystical, process of bringing in new life. I am honored to serve and witness women through this sacred rite of passage from maiden to mother.

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Conscious Pre-Conception Coaching

Based on my own experience, this focused coaching package is my own personal creative birthing. It’s a 3-part series designed to prepare conscious women looking forward to motherhood by cultivating radical honesty and awareness in body and mind. We’ll begin each session by connecting to our physical bodies through gentle breathwork and movement practices.

Ocean Rocks
In Love

Initial Session

We’ll jump right in. We’ll take a look at beliefs we hold about our bodies, about birth, and about motherhood. We’ll talk about sex - how we currently experience it and what we’d like to experience moving forward with the act of creating new life.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga

Second Session

We intentionally deep dive into fear and grief - both important, though too often denied pieces of our conception journey. We’ll talk about what scares you, and about how to hold yourself safely as you validate and release those fears. We’ll allow space to ceremoniously grieve, honor, and bid farewell to those maiden parts of ourselves that must die, if we ourselves are to be reborn into mothers.

Maternity Yoga Private Class

Final Session

We’ll clarify intention. In our choice to even open to the possibility of motherhood, what are we hoping for? How can we already start showing up in alignment with these deepest intentions?

Total Investment: $399

Birth Experience Integration

A birth is a life-altering experience - no matter the method, no matter the outcome. What was your birth experience like? Have you been given space to speak into it, to be witnessed in voicing it, to begin to process it?

The integration of such experiences is often ongoing over a lifetime. There are changes in our definition of self, and changes in our roles, both within family and within the larger community. Sometimes we’ve experienced trauma, whether that be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Sometimes it just feels good to share in a safe and non-judgmental space.

This birth experience integration is an important piece of all of my doula packages, but can also be accessed on its own - days, weeks, months, or even years beyond your birthing experience(s). I’d love to support you.


Single 60-minute session: $125

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